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The Network of Hillary Clinton

The Network of Hillary Clinton

The Secretary of State is in the UAE for a quick visit this week, meeting with the country’s big names. Kipp takes a look at the others in Clinton’s circle of influence.

January 10, 2011 4:22 by

When Hillary Clinton was in Mumbai in the summer of 2009 she spoke at St.Xavier’s College at a conference of the shortcomings of the educational system in India. She shared the platform with Bollywood actor, director and producer Aamir Khan. Throughout the conference, Clinton supported the views expressed by Khan, who has long been an advocate of improving the educational system in India. His best effort could be the production of his film “3 Idiots” which takes a critical look at the higher educational system. During the debate Khan was reported as saying: “”We should encourage those minds that are thirsty and hungry for knowledge. Children who believe in questioning, searching, disagreeing and not just memorizing and cramming should be appreciated.”

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