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The Network of Mike de Kock

When you are a world class horse racing trainer like Mike de Kock you keep the company of sheikhs, jockeys and some pretty fine horses. Kipp takes a look at a few of Kock’s cronies.

March 22, 2011 5:19 by

Not that Kipp leads a life being on first-term basis with world class horse trainers, but we’d imagine if you are someone as successful and popular as de Kock then you probably would be. Herman Brown, is one such trainer that we’d imagine de Kock is on first term basis with. Herman Brown comes from a family of horse riding and as such is a third generation horse trainer: ‘My grandfather was a trainer, my dad was a trainer, and I’ve had a trainer’s license for 21 years. Dad and I worked together for 10 of those.’

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