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The network of… Richard Branson

The network of… Richard Branson

He’s just celebrated turning 60, so we decided to mark the occasion by checking out six of the Virgin billionaire’s most interesting contacts.

September 13, 2010 4:45 by

One of Branson’s passions has always been hot air balloons, and in fact he has nearly killed himself a number of tims while attempting to fly a balloon non-stop around the world. In the race to accomplish the feat, Branson established a friendly rivalry and friendship with Steve Fossett, the man who was eventually to achieve the goal in a balloon sponsored by Branson’s Virgin Atlantic.

American millionaire Fossett notched up 116 world records in balloons, boats, airplanes, gliders and airships. He disappeared in 2007 during a flight in Nevada. His body was never recovered, though eventually a hiker stumbled on a crash site. Tests on two bones found there matched Fossett’s DNA. He made his fortune in trading – not only via his own trades, but by renting space on the trading floor to other traders.

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