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The Network of the World’s Greatest Thrill Seekers

The Network of the World’s Greatest Thrill Seekers

With Alain Robert all set to scale the heights of Burj Khalifa this morning, Kipp takes a look at some of the world’s greatest thrill seekers.

March 27, 2011 5:08 by

Parkour, the art and sports discipline of getting across an obstacle course in the most creative way of jumping, swinging, rolling and scaling walls, was founded by this man. For David Belle, Parkour was initially just a game he played with his friends. But it has since developed into a sport and Belle’s mastering of the discipline has given him a rather successful Hollywood career, gaining stunt appearances in films like Transporter 2 and Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time. The sport itself is gaining worldwide commercial attention with companies like Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut and HP incorporating the sport into their campaigns. It has also reached UAE’s shores, the country has its own small, yet dedicated Parkour community at

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