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The secret life of… Dr. Fye Nantial Krycis

The secret life of… Dr. Fye Nantial Krycis

Millions have suffered financial losses due of his underhanded dealings. Meet Dr. Fye Nantial Krysis, the man behind the world's worst economic meltdown.

March 2, 2009 3:43 by

Ranjit also described Krycis as “very American. Fattened on huge bonuses, Lear jets and the trimmings and trappings of absolute luxury;” which brings us to our next point.

As disheveled, and smelly as he is, Krycis is a wealthy man. One commentator, Serge, even worked for him: “I worked for Krycis. I had a good position in Saudi Arabia when his close family invited me to join their business and turn it around, in the UAE, where it had not been doing well. Outwardly you would think he was a Europhile with a home in Switzerland. I took the bait and the promises. It was not long before I started having my doubts. His treatment of employees left a lot to be desired. From the outer veneer of democratic modernity a new monster oozed out.”

Serge dedicated 14 years of his career to the company, but was told recently that Kyrcis had sold the corporation and moved away. According to Serge’s entry, Kyrcis never paid him his bonus or his dues. But that’s just something the doctor would do, isn’t it. Why stick around to watch the inevitable, when you can sell up and save yourself the hassle?

Krycis has, single-handedly, taken exploited the corporate world’s instinctive drive to achieve financial and commercial gain, all at the expense of average workers who keep the world’s corporations well oiled.

“[The economic slowdown] is having a massive effect on the girls and guys that depend on the tourism sector to feed their families in their home countries,” wrote Johnes, another Kipp commentator.

“Now hotels are cutting these people without so much as a thought for the knock on effect. Yesterday the Accor properties at the [Trade Centre] started their “redundancy” program, and will continue it today. The Atlantis hotel is frog marching staff to the HR offices to give them their termination papers and send them on their way. Surely after so many years of super profits and record revenues these hotels can afford to bite the bullet a little longer and show just how committed they are to the people who made them successful??”

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