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Top 5 Tallest Residential Towers in the World

Would you believe it if we told you 4 out of 5 towers is real estate in Dubai?

August 21, 2012 5:18 by

  • Princess Tower

    Initially Princess tower was supposed to comprise of 90 floors. But things were going well for Tameer Holding who recently opened the building this May, and the tower grew to an impressive 414 meters with over a 100 floors, displaying the former holder of the title of the tallest residential tower in the world.


  • 23 Marina

    Constructed by the Mumbai-based Hiranandani Group, 23 Marina is home to 90 floors and stands at an impressive 395 meters. Comprising of 289, it should be little surprise that the tower has 57 swimming pools.


  • The Marina Torch

    In 2011, Marina Torch replaced Q1, Australia, to claim the title of the world's tallest residential building. At an an impressive 336 meters, the building is home to 79 floors.


  • Q1

    Completed in 2005, Q1 (Queensland Number One) enjoyed the status of the world's tallest residential tower for more than five years until it was kicked off the list by the Marina Torch in 2011. Located on the Gold Coast, Q1 stands at 348 meters and is made up of 78 floors.


  • HHHR Tower

    Completed in 2010, the HHHR Tower took four years to reach a height of 72 floors and 317 meters.




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