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Wilileaks founder’s autobiography leaked; CNN’s ‘coffice’ concept; Facebook’s attempt at being funny and Kickstarter seeds

Just in case you missed it, Andy Samberg was a Zuckerberg for a day; Facebook is digging up your past for show and CNN is selling coffee now.

September 23, 2011 11:03 by

CNN’s first “coffice” café concept

You read that right. CNN is attempting to extend its brand through the ‘coffice’ café concept (coffee-office, get it?). The first one opened in the Seoul, Korea (How is Korea getting all these debut brands? Remember last week? Louis Vuitton’s first airport store was launched in Korea.

Described as ‘not just an ordinary café’ (duh), CNN Café provides free WiFi as well as computer and printing services. And of course, CNN content is everywhere, from a live feed on TV to digital tickers and computer terminals.

The initiative is supposed to target the self-employed and university students.

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Wikileaks founder Assange’s autobiography leaked

Oh the irony. The manuscript of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s autobiography has been leaked. His publishers, Canongate Books, has reportedly decided to publish the book without Assange’s consent as a sort of “unauthorised first draft” account. Now is it just me or is this a ‘planned’ ironical launch. After all, everybody prefers unauthorised versions anyway, right?

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Andy Samberg impersonates Mark Zuckerberg

Saturday Night Live cast member Andy Samberg opened Facebook’s F8 conference on this Saturday by impersonating FB CEO and lover of hoodies and slippers Mark Zuckerberg. We have to admire Zuckerberg for paying Samberg to poke fun of him, although we are still miffed about the company’s blatant arrogance in the way they change the platform that have allowed most of us to create our most authentic digital self.

Designers and Their Kickstarter-Funded Projects

Recognising entrepreneurs, Kipp links to this slideshow from The New York Times and their business ideas. Each one of these businesses have been funded by Kickstarter, a crowd-sourcing site that allows anyone who has a ‘big idea’ to appeal to the public to fund or donate towards the realisation of their dreams. Check it out and get inspired.

Facebook introduces Timeline – A New Kind of Profile

This will give you a whole new perspective on what kind of digital social identity you’ve created so far and how close it is to your ‘authentic self’…just check it out.

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