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3,672 down, approximately millions to go

3,672 down, approximately millions to go

As official figures show that thousands of UAE residents have lost their driving licenses, Kipp says there are plenty more to go.

January 30, 2011 2:54 by

Emirates 24-7 reports that UAE authorities suspended the driving licenses of 3,672 motorists in 2010, after each of them amassed the maximum 24 black points for traffic offenses.

Kipp thinks this is a good thing. What we don’t think is a good thing, however, is the measly punishment meted out to the offenders, because the license suspension lasts only three months. “Those whose licences were suspended will not be able to drive for three months…a new licence file will then have to be opened for them,” confirmed Brigadier Gaith Al Zaabi, director of the traffic coordination department at the ministry of interior.

How this slap on the wrist is going to deter anyone from committing a driving offence is anyone’s guess. But what really bothers us is 3,672 motorists seems like an awfully small number, particular in a country full to the brim with people who quite clearly don’t know how to drive.

Yes it’s true, Kipp has gone on about this before. And you know what? We will again, and again, and again, probably for as long as we live here. The UAE should be ashamed of its incredibly dangerous roads, and the terribly dangerous people who are allowed behind the wheel of vehicles. Driving is a huge responsibility, and should be treated as such. Otherwise people will die, and in the UAE they frequently do.

Kipp can’t help thinking that with 3,672 down, the authorities have a mere million or two terrible, terrible drivers to take off the country’s roads, and then we’ll all be okay.

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