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5 annoying people you meet at the cinema

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Temperatures are rising and so too is Kipp’s temper

June 29, 2014 9:25 by

By Florence Pilkington

There is nothing worse than being disturbed when you’re trying to watch a film at the cinema here in Dubai.

You have patiently waited in line to buy your ticket and have armed yourself with the quintessential cinema fare – one large coke and butter popcorn, if you’re asking – but as soon as you plonk yourself down in your seat, before the opening credits start to roll, you’ll start to regret the very idea of a night out at the cinema.

Mobile phones are ringing, people are shouting, popcorn is being spilt and people are bashing you in the back of the head as they try and squeeze into the seat behind. The baby next to you starts to wail and you feel like crying too, because you know all this will continue for the next two hours.

Kipp has lined up the key offenders to watch for:

1. The Mobile Phone Fanatic: Cinemas are NOT the place to text your friends or have a deep and meaningful conversation with the person you love. The last thing we want to hear when watching a movie is someone else yapping away on their phone. Put your mobile away.

2. The Commentator: There is a reason why actors act and directors direct. There is also a reason why you don’t do either. We all think we could do a better job than the professionals when watching a movie, but there is no need to tell everyone else in the cinema what you’re thinking.

 3. Children: There is a place for children. The cinema at 11pm during the screening of the latest horror movie is not one of them. Parents, hire a babysitter.

4. Feet: Kipp understands that happy feet are comfortable feet, but is the back of the chair, pushing Kipp’s seat forward, really the best place? There is space on the floor, you know?

5. The latecomer: The cinema door should be locked when the movie starts. The clue of when a movie will start is the time printed on your ticket. Kipp wants to watch the movie, not have to move so people can walk past, or avoid an usher’s flashlight from hitting us in the eye. And, no, we won’t tell you what you’ve missed. So don’t ask.

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