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A look back at February case you've been too busy to catch up on things

February 28, 2013 5:04 by

Kippers, it’s the last day of February and it’s certainly been an eventful month. We had to push through that hyped-up-consumerist excuse for a holiday (although not technically a holiday) they call Valentine’s Day. We were taken aback by the unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI – the first to do so in centuries – and no amount of Häagen-Dazs ice cream could soothe our wounds.

A meteor exploded over Russia, injuring over 1,000 people in the city of Chelyabinsk; which scientists have described as the largest meteor explosion within the Earth’s atmosphere since 1908. And all around the world we held our breath as we waited to hear the fate of the Oscars – and Kipp isn’t just talking about the Academy Awards. Yes, the Pistorius story certainly has taken the world (and Twitter) by storm. Kipp does have a few favourite puns, but we wouldn’t want you to shoot the messenger, now would we?

The point is, it’s a busy world out there. And we know how easy it is to get caught up in our own lives; which is why we’ve made you a short list of some of the most popular articles on Kipp Report this month. Go on, have a read. No really, you’re missing out, just ask the others.

Another Guinness Record out of Dubai – Nissan does it again by not only breaking yet another world record, but having an entirely new category created for it.

HSBC asks Syrians to shut accounts – Kipp becomes suspicious after reading some Twitter posts. Our fears were confirmed when we received a statement from HSBC Middle East implying that customers from ‘sanctioned’ countries will have to be ‘reviewed’ and may not bank with them anymore.

You’ve heard it straight from the horse’s mouth – With the horse-meat scandal taking over Europe’s attention span, Kipp speaks to Burger King Middle East for some comforting reassurance.

The Ultimate Showdown: Blackberry Z10 versus Samsung’s SIII – with Blackberry (no longer RIM) trying to reclaim their share of the market with a new phone and operating system, Kipp pins it up against the SIII to see whether it can hold its ground.

Top 5 shocking resignations of the business world – The pope’s resignation prompted us to look at some of the most shocking resignations the business world has ever seen.

LinkedIn pulls off clever publicity stunt – When the site’s users began to receive identical congratulatory notifications, Kipp knew something was up.

The worst Valentine’s Day promotion in Dubai – We all expect to have our e-mail inbox clogged up with tacky promotions on this day but one of them stood out above the rest.

The Dubai Eye Ferris Wheel – The Emirate certainly isn’t going around in circles but it’s planning something big and round.

Dubai Schools Afraid of Valentine’s – News reports indicated that some schools may be closing on February 14 to prevent public displays of affection on campus grounds. Was it true?

Brands do the Harlem Shake – It’s not just people or free-spirited companies that can do it. Some brands quickly jumped on the bandwagon to capitalise on the hype of this chaotic dance.

How do you get 30,000 followers in an hour – Kipp talks about Burger King and Jeep being hacked on Twitter and why being digitally infiltrated can also be a blessing.

Your boss fine with you working from home? – We comment on Marissa Mayer’s (CEO of Yahoo) decision to ban her employees from working from home. Return to the stone age?

LinkedIn but feeling left out – Why the new trend of ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ endorsements may take its toll on the social network’s credibility.

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