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Agencies running after the buck

Author of The Power of belonging

Marketing expert and author clears some regional marketing, advertising and branding misconceptions

March 28, 2013 4:53 by

Brands need to be genuine in their approach to claim the experience. For this same reason, I endorse public relations to take the right step at launch. Once you launch, you must create RTB to funnel a crowd to believe in your initiative, but not battle their thoughts. Second, you must gather the Opinion Leaders right from the start to endorse your brand.

Third, you must be consistent in your message to the bone, you can’t drift away a second from it.  Once that is established and the target audience is accepting the change or the newly launched brand, then you may use advertising to create further awareness. I have recently witnessed the opposite, where the brand is driven through advertising right from the word GO, followed by opinion leaders and so forth.

One funny thing I have also witnessed lately is the misconception between a brand that already exists and its place in the mind of the audience. It has a file there, while the company who decided to approach the brand with a revolutionary change while keeping the same name claimed “A new brand was born.”  That triggered me, is a new brand born by changing the logo? A brand is a brand, and if it’s a new brand, then the entire thing must change, including the name, the old equity in the ditch.

Another thing that amazed me is the understanding of “positioning.” Just because you changed your logo that doesn’t mean the brand never had positioning. Even if the icon was generic, the brand registered in the mind of the public or it wouldn’t have lasted all these years.  In reference to the subject I just mentioned, I know that brand but it can’t be named here. There are few things I have liked besides the major agreement, the company created differentiation points that are very visible and are currently very visible in communication.

Last but not least, if companies own a clear purposed business strategy and understand how this strategy can play a role in the brand’s life, most would have avoided earlier mistakes. However, if companies assign advertising agencies to be the Brand carrier, then you’ll for sure witness lots of billboards, TVC and so forth claiming what the brand is prior the actual experience.

Said Baaghil is a marketing/branding expert and columnist for Kipp Report.

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