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And the record for the World’s Silliest Records Ever Attempted goes to…

Eye popping world records

The UAE has a penchant for setting unusual world records, but surely the most recent one – involving paper hats and high-fives – gets points for pointlessness. . .

March 5, 2013 10:38 by

To brutally paraphrase the saying “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”, Kipp poses this question to you.

If a group of people set a record for something that no one cares about, is it still a record?

As Kipp is based in the record-crazy city of Dubai, this is far from a new area of speculation. After all, this is a city that set the record for having the largest chair, bicycle, abaya and magazine. What value could there ever be in constructing a chair which measures 7.56 metres high or a magazine that measures 1.8 metres by 1.19 metres wide? If no human could ever sit on a chair so big or read a magazine so large (without significant discomfort) does it qualify anything other than a namesake record? And what significance does being the holder of namesake record really have?

These are far from new objections to the trend, but the reason we bring the issue up is because of a recent report of possibly the most ridiculous record a group of people have attempted to set. According to Gulf News, members of vehicle rearview mirror manufacturer, MSSL MidEast, attempted to set the following world records:

Largest number of people wearing paper hats at the same time

Longest chain of people high-fiving each other

Largest number of people participating in a hopping race

Largest number of people participating in a barefoot race

The records, which were attempted at the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, are yet to be validated by the Guinness World Record. If the company is successful, it will not be the first time it holds a Guinness World Record title. The company is part of the Samvardhana Motherson Group, which currently holds records for the largest number of people polishing shoes at the same time, largest number of people opening bottles simultaneously, the longest balloon chain and longest contra line.

We’ll admit to not being particularly interested in MSSL MidEast’s latest record-breaking attempts. Creating the largest number of people high-five-ing each other or wearing paper hats at the same time? Really?

But we will continue to wonder why anyone with a shred of intelligence would ever consider wearing a paper hat or opening a bottle as an act worthy of documentation let alone recognition. We could understand if the arbitrary record held some greater lesson in team building or a form of training, but it is a bit of a stretch trying to equate higher sales targets with a large number of paper hats.

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