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APPEAL TO WORKAHOLICS: Take a break! Even hackers don’t work weekends


Latest research shows that the number of email-based malicious attachments sent by hackers drop significantly over the weekend.

May 29, 2012 4:48 by

Workaholics-everybody knows at least one. Sure we can appreciate  the average model employee who is committed and dedicated, but Kipp can’t stand those over-worked, imbalanced workaholics.

You know the type, the first one in the office every morning and the last one to leave at midnight. If you ever manage to trick the workaholic away from his desk to have lunch, you probably will have to compete over the ‘important’ texts and calls he must reply to. And if the workaholic does not finish all the extra work he is taken on, well then you can be sure that work is accompanying him on the ride home. Chances are said workaholic will not only take his work home, but also on vacations and maybe even to his grave.


If this sounds like someone you know, or if this describes yourself, then have a look at bar chart below.

Produced by anti-malware company Fire Eye, the above chart shows the activity of the number of email-based malicious attachments sent by hackers over the first six months of 2012. Notice the significant drop in the number of emails sent over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). If hackers and email attackers some of the most persistent people in the world can take some time out every week-well then there surely has to be a way for you to prioritize, organize and delegate your work. Come on people!

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