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Best of the Web: 24 December, 2010

Best of the Web: 24 December, 2010

Internet Start-Ups In a Bubble; 2010 in review; Introverts for President; Is the joke on us?; Top 10 Luxury Buys of 2010.

December 24, 2010 11:22 by

Internet Start-Ups In a Bubble

Do you remember the days of the dot com boom? Do you remember how that oh-so-clever friend of yours (everyone has one) who shook his head all knowingly and closed his eyes as he said “the money is in e-commerce”? And then do you remember your secret satisfaction as it all fell flat on its face? Well, guess what: The old saying, “Those who fail to learn the lessons of the past are condemned to repeat them” could be about to come true once again. Internet start-ups could be in another big bubble, says this article in The Economist.


2010 in review

As we near the end of the year, Kipp thinks there is nothing that spells closure like adding another digit to the calendar. We know you are probably going to be reading a lot of 2010-in-review articles, but this Bloomberg Businessweek review is our choice for the week. Why? Because this article takes some of the unlikely stories of 2010 and spots trends that you might not expect, and we think that’s worthy of your time.


Top 10 Luxury Buys of 2010

Kipp isn’t rich. In fact, Kipp doesn’t have much money at all – so you’ll excuse our fascination when we get to read about those that do. For instance, check out this list from Forbes which showcases the 10 biggest luxury buys. It’s a glimpse at the obscene amounts the rich throw around. For instance, $35.4 million is how much Steven Cohen, hedge fund manager, is said to have spent on one of Andy Warhol’s iconic Coca-Cola bottle paintings.


Is the joke on us?

If you know Kipp, you know that we love good old stomach-churning, groan inducing, pun-infused joke. And, when we can manage it, we have to say we think ourselves mighty punny (boom boom, tish! If only you could see how proud we are for sneaking in a pun in a comment on puns). Anyway, the silly pun-filled one liners on Christmas crackers are just another reason we enjoy the season; but what if we told you that our humor is so predictably formulaic a linguist at a Scottish university recently launch a program that can create a hundred of such one liners? Don’t believe us? Read on.


Introverts for President?

If there is one thing Kipp enjoys almost as much as puns it’s a good paradox. No really, it is: our recent favourite finding comes from Harvard Business School researcher Francesca Gino who told CNN that her research shows that introverts can be great leaders. Why is that amusing for Kipp? Probably because we spent our formative years in our shells, refusing to come out as we listened to our parents saying the world isn’t kind to introverts. At last we have hope, and one of these days we’ll be in charge, you wait and see. Now we’re going home and we’d like to be left alone with our thoughts, thanks very much.

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