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A ‘brand’ new UAE…?


As voting begins for the nation’s 'Brand,' Kipp can’t help but wonder how we would brand the UAE? Would it be with a big sticky pile of red tape? Maybe a “dress code" symbol? Or would a sole empty drained swimming pool on The Palm, suffice?


June 24, 2012 5:03 by

Are you a fan of Sheikh Mohammed? We mean, of course, are you a Facebook fan of the ruler of Dubai? If you are, then you probably know that Sheikh Mohammed has opened up a decision to “brand” the UAE to his fellow Facebookers. Here is his post:

“Today, we have uploaded on a collection of UAE nation brand logos, which were proposed during the last Cabinet session. The UAE nation brand logo will promote the UAE & tell its story to the world. I want all of you to choose the design you think is best. All the relevant entities shall coordinate to use the logo to communicate the qualities of the UAE in areas like economy, culture & tourism.”

There are five brands under consideration. Check it out:

Fabric of Society

Inspired by the beautiful fabrics and patterns created by Emirati artists throughout the ages. As the fabrics are woven by the men and women, a sense of culture and society is also reinforced.


Brilliant Evolution

Energy, Harmony, Vivacious Clarity

This route is a symbolic expression of the different facets and people that make up the UAE;

You can be anything

Contributing, Connected, Diversity

This route was developed as a reflection of this diversity – a symbol representative of the change, flexibility and continual growth that is the UAE of tomorrow.

Vivid Tapestry

Rich, Diverse, Bold, Valuing Heritage

The rich heritage and balanced Emirati culture of the seven combined Emirates are contained and balanced within a traditional Kufi script – a route where even when written in English, the appearance is unmistakably Emirati.


Personal, Simple, Evolving

A symbol was created to demonstrate this constant state of dynamic evolution – a symbol simple enough to be memorised by the people – to the point where they are able to replicate it with their own hands – no matter the age or ability. A truly democratic symbol.

Of course, all of these brands are poetic; but Kipp can’t help but wonder how we would brand the UAE? Would it be with a sticky pile of red tape? Confusing “dress” code rules? Or with an empty drained swimming pool on The Palm?



  1. Sunday Castles on June 25, 2012 1:19 pm

    I’ll go for the merged image of tenancy contract and visa stamp!

  2. siddique cherichi on June 25, 2012 11:24 pm

    its a very good brand new


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