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Brands we wish would kiss and make up this Valentine’s Day

As the day of love is upon us, Kipp thinks of brands (and we use the term very lightly) that could do with a bit of lovey-dovey reconciliation.

February 14, 2013 10:45 by



Apple and Samsung

Hey we may have enjoyed seeing mighty Apple getting down and dirty with its gazillion dollar lawsuit-just as much as we enjoyed the catty ‘the-next-big-thing-is-already-here’ ads from Samsung. But now it is getting a bit old. We are tired of the drama and wish our favourite phone-producers would kiss and make-up.


Google and Facebook

An old internet giant clashes heads with a new one. From,  Facebook hiring some of Google’s finest engineers, including Lars Rasmussen,the mastermind behind the social engine’s recently launched Facebook Graph, to Facebook threatening to dabble with Google’s ad revenue and launching its own search engine, can’t we all just get along? What so funny about peace, love and understanding?


Petrol stations and Credit card in the UAE

Some where down the line, a cold war started between the petrol stations of Dubai and the credit card companies. For years, drivers have struggled with the burden of paying by cash at petrol stations-or even worse, running to an ATM at a petrol station while the tank is being filled. Can we a put a stop to this nonsense? Kipp doesn’t even know who hurt who’s ego, but isn’t it time we can pull up into a petrol station that is in tune with the plastic times we live in?



VOIP is a real thing and it is here to stay. Whether the UAE’s TRA chooses to accept this fact or continue to block services like Skype and Facetime-even though everybody already uses it, will really depend on some major pride-swallowing. If it was up to Kipp however, we’d have our say, and preferably over the internet.

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