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Columbus’s Egg

KD Pic May 2013

We get so engrossed in playing catch-up that we lose sight of the fact that the landscape has changed and a new set of principles has taken hold of our existence, writes Kamal Dimachkie.

April 30, 2013 3:05 by

Take the entire tendering process, particularly in the services industry where the main currency is people’s time. As a specific example, let’s take a look at tendering in the communication industry. How many times have pitching organisations asked for an indication of budget as they were working on a proposal? Countless. How many times have they had an answer they could work with? Rarely ever.The standard response is: “We have an open budget. Let us have your proposal and then we will decide.” An entire industry marches on a road of ludicrous inefficiency with every sunrise only to be surprised, time and time again, that the wonderful proposal is really impressive, but way out of the prospect’s budget.

Now imagine the same situation with a transparent indication of money clearly communicated upfront. What is the resulting outcome? Everyone will make an informed decision. There will be participants for sure, but there will also be some who will decline because it simply doesn’t make sense. The wonderful thing is that those who declined will have done so with clarity and zero investment in time – time that can easily be invested elsewhere.

Someone once said, “The obscure we ultimately understand; it is the completely obvious that takes a little bit longer.” Christopher Columbus was trying to prove a point over dinner, that once a feat is done, anyone will know how to do it; to do that he resorted to the obvious that has eluded so many for so long. The point remains that by changing perspective, he was able to solve the problem of standing an egg on its tip. Can the introduction of transparency allow us to shift tracks and return us to prosperity?

By Kamal Dimachkie

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