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Could a man-made floating island be the solution to Dubai’s sinking World?


Visitors of The World may be a little miffed to be sailing through the ghost town of forgotten sand bogs; perhaps an engineless yacht posing as a floating island could help provide some company?

June 26, 2012 5:45 by

When we read about Oros Island a man made floating island, Kipp couldn’t help but roll our eyes. Who in the world would be stupid enough to splurge $6.5 million dollars for what is essentially an engineless yacht? Kipp was then reminded of our good friends at The World.

Remember Nakheel’s ambitious ‘world’ changing island project. No, not The Palm, Kipp’s talking about the other ‘world’ changing island project…The World. Stretching over nine kilometers wide and seven kilometres long, the painfully ambitious project is made up of 300 islands. The project started way back in 2003 and initially there were high hopes—Nakheel claimed they sold 70 percent of the islands (sales were invitation only, by the way). And then the recession hit and development on The World froze. To date, construction has only been started on no more than two islands.

Earlier this year, the World Island Beach Club made headlines with plans of its inauguration. When it open, the World Island Beach Club located on The World’s Lebanon island would be the first site of civilization on the disastrous exercise in construction that is The World. Of course, good for Indian entrepreneur Wakil Admed Azmi, who owns the resort-but Azmi may find his guests a little miffed to be sailing through the ghost town of forgotten sand bogs.

Cue man-made floating islands. Despite promises of construction restarting on the island very soon- perhaps the presence of a few floating islands may help the once rumored to be sinking islands?

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