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Do we need a 24-hour-two-week Eid in Dubai?

Firework display in Dubai

Sheikh Mohammed has decided to stretch Dubai's usual EID celebrations to two weeks this year, with malls being open 24 hours a day. What do you think?

September 30, 2012 10:37 by

The upcoming Eid will be the fourth string of celebrations that the Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment has been assigned to organise and while the past 3 celebration ceremonies have lasted approximately four days, this one will be lasting for two weeks. Mind you, since most private sector employees will be working for the entire duration of said two weeks, it may not feel like much of a celebration to them.

On the other hand, Sheikh Mohammed, Ruler of Dubai has ordered this Eid Celebration extension to welcome visitors from the Gulf and other parts of the world to ‘experience the hospitality and unique cultural experiences that Dubai will offer’. While this Eid Al-Adha is set to fall on the 26th of October (Friday) , celebrations will start earlier on the 18th.

But this rather substantial stretch entails a lot more than the usual festivities, fireworks and a lit-up city. Shopping malls in Dubai will (as they normally are during the period) be open for 24 hours a day to meet the evident demands of the retail consumer. How many shoppers there will be at 4:30 in the morning, Kipp doesn’t know, but nevertheless, it certainly does add to the holiday spirit doesn’t it?

Since Tourism and Hospitality are one of the largest magnets of revenue for the Emirate, having the mainstream malls pulling ‘All-Nighters’ for two weeks in a row could make perfect sense. And with all the hard work that has gone into ensuring that Dubai’s image as the “entertainment and must-visit” destination in the region continues to blossom; it’s only fair that the Emirate should offer a unique factor that other cities wouldn’t.

Still, Kipp can’t help but question whether we really need a 24-hour two week Eid? Let’s hope that the mall staff will be paid for their overtime work.

Let us know how you feel about this.

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  1. Raman on October 1, 2012 9:59 am

    The two questions that your write caught my attention are, one, the private sector will be working and second whether the mall staff will be compensated. Private sector will be neglected though they have the potential to make the fanfare of EID sucessful as they will end up spending which is good the economy or a few who can afford will leave the country. But the weighing scale will tilt largely to an increase in business. The second factor will be based on the business that happens during that period and the staff will not be compensated heavily and will be linked to business that will happen. If an hourly rate of 6-7 is good then the compensation is good enough for the staff as cumilative it the figure will look big. But, not worth it if the increase in business is negligible.

  2. chaz on October 3, 2012 6:32 am

    so does this mean each mall is doubling its staff to run a 24/7 operation?
    if so that is very positive.
    If not, then how is this supposed to happen?

  3. bassam on October 3, 2012 6:58 pm

    salaam to all. in reference to 2 weeks EID Celebration, i am all for it. If the Sheik wants to show off his great country and allow the people the opportunity to enjoy it, then 2 weeks is appropriate! WAY TO GO SHEIKH MOHAMMED. What a great idea and thinking outside the box to attract tourists like my self to your great country. I for one would love to be back in the GCC area to be able to enjoy some of the festivities!!! Please send me an invite with the ticket and i will be there to celebrate it with you.
    good day
    Abu Fadi


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