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Dubai Metro fines sprout out

Dubai Metro fines

“I have seen some people just not bothered about other commuters. They listen to songs in their native languages without headphones.”

August 13, 2012 10:03 by

Despite the Dubai Metro being a relatively reliable source for thousands of daily commuters, many continue to lash out at its (what ‘is perceived’ as) unnecessary restrictions that continue to sprout out as if from nowhere. Yes, yes, the RTA has an online version of all the rules and regulations as well as an endless list of what not to do. But, assuming that not all commuters surf the web for RTA rules and assuming (quite safely) that most commuters have a unanimous objective to catch their train on time, one can hardly rest their hopes on a by passer requesting for a pamphlet on ways that he or she could lose money.

Some of the regulations and restrictions, especially those that will land you with a fine to pay, are quite reasonable and globally witnessed. Don’t harass the other passengers or cause any general disturbance, no eating or drinking on the metro, no smoking or climbing and jumping on any public vehicle are some of the more obvious ones in the ‘Ten Commandments’ league. In fact, in a report by Emirates 247, the RTA responded to a Tweet by saying that playing music out loud without headphones will also get you a AED 100 fine. Sophia Nash, who used the Metro every day, told Emirates 24|7: “I have seen some people just not bothered about other commuters. They listen to songs in their native languages without headphones.”

Most people would agree that we would love to not be disturbed, but then, we get to the more unusual reasons to fine people.

Falling asleep for instance, will not only get you a complimentary wake up call but you could risk having to pay AED 300 as a penalty, especially if you caused disturbance to other passengers. Make sure that you are fully awake before taking out your wallet or you may end up unknowingly tipping the train attendant.

Due to the tight ratio of expatriates that make up Dubai’s population, it is almost impossible for residents not to subconsciously or consciously compare the services of the city to those they are more accustomed to in their home countries. Many times Dubai comes out on top and many times it doesn’t. While in trains in other countries, you could enjoy a 16 course meal and chew all the gum you want, Kipp can understand and appreciate why the Dubai Metro would want to preserve a certain standard of commute in the city.

On the other hand, Kipp reckons that if the RTA wants to impose fines for all sorts of behavioral activities that many (especially tourists or new residents) find acceptable then more awareness of those regulations has to be spread. Put a sticker on every inch of the carts to make sure that everyone gets a good look if you must. Otherwise, the alternative is that the number of new residents or tourists using the metro will plummet significantly out of fear of falling victim to any accidental penalties or violations.

There is a published code list by the RTA highlighting over 30 different situations where you can receive a fine from AED 100 to AED 2,000 but the worst problem that many passengers have expressed is that they are completely unaware of the RTA rules on the Metro and receive fines randomly for things they weren’t aware of.

Here are five ways (of the many) that you could lose money on the Metro:

Causing inconvenience, discomfort or distress to other passengers in any way whatsoever.

Putting your feet on seats.

Using lifts or escalators in an improper manner.

Climbing or jumping on any public transport building or vehicle.

Bringing animals onto any public transport vehicle or environment, except guide dogs for blind passengers.

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