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Have a spare sports car for Kipp to smash?

Have a spare sports car for Kipp to smash?

Sometimes it takes a real bashing for some people to get the point.

March 20, 2011 4:34 by

Kipp remembers seeing a fluff piece on TV years ago (don’t ask how long exactly) about a Japanese store that doesn’t sell anything but a time slot for employees to vent their frustrations by allowing them to wreak havoc inside the store, smashing everything with their bare hands and a baseball bat, if they choose.
This quirky stress relief story came to mind when Kipp heard about a Han Nan from Qingdao, China, who has hired people to destroy his Lamborghini on March 15, World Consumer Rights Day. He decided to get the Lamborghini Gallardo, which costs between $529,000-$757,000, smashed when the Lamborghini service station failed to get the faulty car fixed after several attempts to get them to do so…
Kipp wonders…would something like that happen in the Middle East? I can hardly picture anyone here volunteering to rip their designer bags or smash their supped up cars in the name of better customer service. But with bad customer service always a hot topics around these parts, perhaps that’s exactly what we need.
So who would like to throw the first 4-carat stone?

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