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Have you applied for your Emirates ID?

EIDA deadline

If you answered in the negative, better step on it. As the June 1st deadline for Dubai resident close approaches, you have only seven days to avoid being fined Dh20 a day.

May 23, 2012 3:27 by

As far as false threats and accusations go, the Emirates ID Authority (EIDA) pretty much take the cake. Almost as soon as the Emirates ID was launched back in 2005, EIDA has been threatening poor gullible residents to fine them if they are found without a card. These threats of imminent fines have always been accompanied by ambitious promises of the benefits of using the ID—the card will be a super duper card, doubling over as a passport, credit card and even a labor card. Of course, these threats and deadlines have kept the fine company of special ‘delays’ and ‘extensions.’ For the past seven years, Kipp’s watched and laughed at the scrambles and last-ditch efforts of EIDA to keep up with their own deadlines and threats.

And though we have scorned at EIDA’s threatening final final FINAL deadlines, we think this time around it might just be the real thing. June 1st, just seven days from now, is the last day for Dubai residents to apply for an Emirates ID without getting fined-and the fine is pretty steep Dh20 per day. If you are applying for your ID, be sure to get to the EIDA office early in the morning. A friend of Kipp’s was turned away at 11 in the morning. Remember, you just need to hand in your application by the 1st of June-to avoid the fine.


Some more handy tips:


1) The only document you need for your Emirates ID is your passport

2) Charges are Dh100 for every year your UAE residence visa is valid for + Dh40 EIDA service + Dh30 Typing centre fee, all of which is payable at the typing centre.

3) You will be handed an appointment date-generally two to three weeks after you visit the typing centre.

We found that you can ignore this date and walk in whenever you want. Make sure the typing centre you go to is close to a EIDA centre.

4) You will never ever be required to leave your passport with anyone for processing. EIDA warns against typing centres that keep passports for days on end.

5) Deadline for EIDA:

Sharjah Residents February 1, 2012 (better get on it if you are in this category)

Abu Dhabi Residents April 1, 2012 (better get on it if you are in this category)

Dubai Residents June 1, 2012


Have you got your ID yet? Let us know how the process went in the comment section below!

*EIDA Process

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