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HOAX ALERT: Samsung paid Apple $1 billion in coins!

Samsung sends trucks to Apple office

Of the many things on our list, almost nothing amuses and bemuses Kipp as much as an obviously ridiculous hoax going viral

August 30, 2012 10:27 by

Were you aware that the word ‘gullible’ doesn’t exist in the Dictionary? Well, if you looked to check whether it does then you may be living proof that many people will believe anything. Don’t fret; there is no need to feel bad, because nothing amuses Kipp more than a hoax (an obviously outrageous one) that goes viral.

Interestingly enough, the web can prove to be a sewer of satirical news but you rarely see it go viral so when it does; it often means that it was believed by thousands. One of the recent and most discussed topics on social networks, blogs and mainstream media is Apple’s win (some may not call it that) in the courtroom against Samsung whereby the Korean company was ordered to pay just over $1 billion. Upon the webs of that story, a recent hoax was weaved; suggesting that Samsung has sent 30 trucks carrying $1 billion worth of 5 cent coins to Apple’s headquarters. Yes, we are as surprised as you are that many naïve readers, even for a moment, considered this to be a valid story.

The security staff members at Apple were allegedly ‘freaked out’ at the sight of 30 trucks approaching their gates. All worries were soon put to rest though, when Samsung’s CEO called Tim Cook (Apple’s Chief) and explained to him that this has been chosen as Samsung’s method of payment. And to quote a blog on The Guardian, the only true statement from that report is that Tim Cook IS Apple’s CEO.

Let’s observe shall we? Realistically, if Samsung had indeed sent 30 trucks to Apple’s office, would Cook have really let them pass through? Would he have accepted a payment method that was clearly intended as a form of mockery? More importantly, would he have brought upon himself the inconvenience of having to accept over $1 billion in change?

Furthermore, in spite of the jury’s unanimous verdict against Samsung, the amount is not yet officially payable. After all, the verdict of the jury is not carved in stone and until the judge deliberates and announces his own ruling, no payment, fine or ban is finalized. The judge’s ruling will be announced on September 20.

Last but certainly not least, with the help of a quote from the Guardian; a tweet says it all. “A nickel weighs 5g. It would take 2,755 18-wheeler trucks (max legal tare 80,000 lbs) to carry the money,” tweeted Ken Tindell. So there you have it, three of the countless (trust me) reasons why anyone with common sense should not buy into this story.

The humorous (what shall I call it then?) hoax allegedly originated from 9gag, a popular website for funny and in this case, false memes. Let’s keep it real shall we?

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  1. Miss Capri on August 30, 2012 10:40 am

    9gag, well, if that isn’t in my list of dumb sites, it’s about to be included. I don’t find hoaxes funny in the same way you do, and would sooner have every hoaxer body-slammed than give them any praise or encouragement. Satire, fake/spoof news is a complete waste of time, and lying about real people or companies – which seems to be the bulk of this crud, is uncool.

  2. Ryed on August 30, 2012 12:26 pm

    It absolutely baffled me to see the people actually believing this on my Facebook timeline.

    Miss Capri, is obviously angry that she was one of those that fell for a dumb hoax like this =_=.

  3. rambo on August 30, 2012 2:24 pm

    opa gang nam style!!….wooot twoooot. i saw it. it was real and amazing so funny but amazing. love ya all and have a happy happy.


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