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How do you hire for culture fit?

How do you hire for culture fit?

Four steps you need to take to ensure you hire the 'right' people

September 3, 2013 12:07 by

We all know that underperformers, or those who can’t excel in specific workplace environments, end up costing organisations lots of money.

Therefore, hiring for culture fit is one of the most important things your organisation can do, and a strong interviewing and hiring process that is centered on the values of your business will positively impact your culture and your bottom line.

But how do you make that happen? Below are a few simple steps you can take in order to ensure the new hires will uphold your workplace culture and help it to flourish.

Define your culture

If you haven’t yet, start thinking about what your culture is. Define your values and connect them to the larger strategic mission and vision of your company. Make sure that employees understand these values and what kinds of behaviours reflect them. Encourage your teams to live these values in everything they do on a daily basis. From there, you will be able to bring new people into your workplace that exemplify your culture and help to perpetuate it.

Create interview questions that are based on your values

Take the time to create a set of questions that are tailored to your values. Let candidates give examples of how their behaviours and beliefs mirror your culture. Asking the right questions will give you a great understanding of how well potential employees will perform in your organisation.

Involve your employees in the hiring process

Yes, it’s important that Human Resources and the hiring manager participate in interviewing and selecting potential employees, but don’t limit the process to just them. Take it one step further to include team members and employees from other departments as well. Getting a large cross-section of your employee population involved in the interviewing procedure will allow them to get a sense of whether the candidate will fit well within their team dynamic and across the wider organization. Additionally, the candidates will get a feel for the type of culture they will be working within, so they can make an informed decision as to whether the team is right for them.

Have potential candidates spend a day shadowing your employees

Give your interviewees a chance to get a real sense of what a day in the life at your organisation is like. Have them shadow people who have similar responsibilities to the role they are applying for, have them attend meetings and show them what your culture is like in action. This will allow them to make an informed decision about whether the company is right for them and you will see how well they fit into your culture.

Follow these steps and you will be on your way to developing and sustaining a hiring process that is firmly rooted in culture fit.

By Lexi Gibson, marketing manager at Great Place to Work® Gulf

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