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If you are happy and you know it…wait you don’t know it?

happy uae resident

A government sponsored study finds the people of the UAE to be “extremely” happy people. Kipp smells a rat.

June 12, 2012 5:53 by

A survey conducted by the CDA (Community Development Authority) found residents and expats here in the UAE are an ‘extremely happy lot’ (to quote Gulf News). The study, which included 20,000 participants, focused on satisfaction levels; social cohesion; needs and social services; human rights; national identity; personal opinions and values and social empowerment and participation.

Khalid Al Kamda, Director General of CDA seemed rather ‘happy’ about the results himself. Well of course he did, he lives in the abundantly sunny and happy country of the UAE, doesn’t he? Al Kamda said the study found residents felts their human rights were protected (Kipp will be interested to know to which members of society were surveyed and which weren’t):
“we found that people feel they are not discriminated against, they are safe, they are protected, the laws are made to protect all, and were happier in terms of work issues as well. They compared all of this to their home countries and many of them would prefer to live in Dubai.”

People don’t feel discriminated against, here in the UAE? Stop the presses! Because that, dear reader, is breaking news if Kipp ever heard any. But maybe our cynicism is misplaced. Maybe we are all just a bunch of shiny happy people…we just don’t know it yet.

Oh wait, what is that? Satisfaction rates for social services, educational services and human rights were lower than overall satisfaction? Ah, that sounds more like the UAE we know. Apparently the study found residents rated their satisfaction with educational services at 48.4 percent, inclusion of people with special abilities at 33.9 percent and human rights at 67 percent.

Guess that makes us a partially extremely happy lot.


  1. Sunday Castles on June 13, 2012 3:57 pm

    You hit it home Kipp. My exact sentiments really. I find the result of the so called survey absurd, unbelievable and lacking of credibility. And what with this news of tenancy contract bearing “one name” only policy a mandatory to all residents of Dubai? People are happy?!!! please…

  2. Hapidude on June 14, 2012 10:08 pm

    Iam happy for reduced visa from 3 to 2 years, i am so happy that devlopers can charge me for my home as much as they want and even more happy to pay housing fees for things I dont know or to be obliged to use Du at exhorbitant cost. Even the no visa for home purchased anymore makes me happy. Let’sno forget how happy makes me salik or the obligation to take a blood test for nothing. What makes me even more happy is the apt I bought, paid but will never get or the money I will never recieve bkoz RERA escrow account is umpty and developer changed names but still use the same offices with same staff but cannot do anything against them. What about the noise in residential areas and abuse by restaurents of my parking area with developer backing. I am happy to experience on daily basis that existing laws do not apply to developers ortheir companies but only to me.

  3. Nisreen on June 18, 2012 2:11 am

    I believe we feel secure. Security is very important. Those who lived in countries with less or no security know the value of living in UAE. Yes I feel being a human being here.


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