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Ink yourself for a pay rise?

Company Tattoo

Talk about extreme loyalty at the workplace...

May 2, 2013 5:23 by

For years, career specialists and recruitment experts have been cleverly trying to keep up with the – some would argue – dying concept of workplace loyalty.

In 2011, workplace expert Lynda Gratton concisely expressed her views in the Financial Times; stipulating that worker loyalty had been “killed off through shortening contracts, outsourcing, automation and multiple careers”.

Others disagree, suggesting that while it may not truly be on the verge of extinction, it could merely play out differently in corporate environments. In either case, loyalty implies ‘sticking by’ something or someone even if it goes against your own self-interest. And until today, Kipp was relatively content with that definition, but it seems that a New York City real estate company was not.

Rapid Realty has put forward a strange (to say the least) proposition to its 800 employees; tattoo the company logo on your body and you’ll be rewarded with a 15 per cent pay increase.

Owner Anthony Lolli tells CBS New York that the idea to present this offer to the rest of the staff came when one of the employees decided to, of his own accord, stamp himself with the company logo. “He calls me up, he says ‘Hey Anthony, I’m getting the logo on me.’ I show up at the shop and I’m like ‘this is cool, how can I repay you?’” Lolli said.

Surprisingly, 40 employees have already, and rather enthusiastically, agreed and permanently inked themselves. There were no guidelines about the size or location of the tattoo so while one employee Brooke Koropatnick had it done behind her ear; others chose an arm or a leg.

Call us crazy if you will, but Kipp still prefers a world where working the extra hour or two and occasionally making a weekend presence at the office translated into loyalty. Where going the extra mile; performing duties outside of your job description and helping others meant that you were a valuable asset to an organisation.

Would you ever, in your wildest dreams, get a tattoo of your company logo for a salary hike?

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