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Inspiring employees to give their best


Lexi Gibson, from Great Place to Work® Gulf, talks about making the best out of the work environment

March 2, 2014 12:14 by

Inspiring employees can be one of the most challenging aspects of a manager’s job. Connecting your workers to the larger mission and vision of the company isn’t always an obvious or easy task. However, if done correctly, linking your people and their contributions to the overall success of the business will help create an environment where people give extra to get the job done, take ownership of their place in the company, and have more opportunities to innovate and take risks.


Connect the Dots

One easy way to help employees visualize how their individual contributions make an impact on the overall business success is to ensure that their goals align and connect with the team and business goals.  Sit down with your people and help them craft their goals for the year and make sure to show them how those goals support the organization in fulfilling its plan. Share these goals widely with the entire company, so that everyone knows exactly what their colleagues do and how their efforts work together to drive business forward.


Get Involved in the Community

Increasingly, employees want to work for companies that contribute positively to their communities. Small acts of volunteerism can go a long way in bolstering employee pride in the organization and providing a positive image of the company.  Encourage your people to get involved in charitable work on an individual, team, and organizational level. Circulate stories of the good work that employees are doing. This will create a virtuous circle of giving back, feeling good, and being inspired by your organization.


Share Success Stories

Communicating widely to your employees when clients provide glowing feedback is a great way to get your people inspired in your company’s mission. Hearing kind words of satisfied customers reinvigorates and motivates employees to keep doing their best work and giving their all to your organization. Sharing these stories around your company will instill a sense of pride in your employees and will inspire their peers to strive for greatness, as well.


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