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Instant arrest risk for Dubai jaywalkers

Dubai police fine jaywalkers

When many of us receive a fine, we sulk about it and plan for later payment. If you are a jaywalker in Dubai you will have very little time to sulk...

September 9, 2012 3:28 by

As most of the city’s residents know, The Dubai Police authority continues to hold on dearly to an ambitious dream; one that critics may describe as unreachable but one that cannot be argued against nevertheless. That dream is having zero mortality on the city’s roads by the time the year 2020 comes a-knocking.

Kipp finds it unimaginable for anyone to really argue with this goal. Argue against its methods, sure. But doesn’t everybody wish for a safer city without any road-related deaths? Nobody would really have the heart to say that they don’t want this goal to be achieved, but they certainly could object to its ramifications along the way.

The authority has made it pretty clear that they will go to any and all lengths to achieve this harmonious statistic, even if it means being harsh in the process. Jaywalking, for instance, has been a large factor in the high mortality rate on roads in Dubai and so, if you’re not careful, you may find that your wallet getting instantly lighter. On the spot!

Kipp is all for peace and safety on the roads and while the lack of obedience towards jaywalking rules has become infamous in Dubai, we are torn between supporting the fining of jaywalkers on the spot and finding it a little too harsh.

“If the person does not have the money and cannot get it quickly to the site of the infringement, the person will have to accompany the officer to the nearest police station and wait there till the fine is paid,” Major General Zafeen said to Emirates 24|7.

Dubai can hardly be classified as a ‘Pedestrian-friendly city’. Sure, in certain areas of the city there is more activity than others, but all in all, the population relies almost entirely on cars, buses and the Metro rail. Yet in spite of said nature, over 25,000 jaywalkers have already been fined this year alone, and those are merely the ones that were caught, never mind those that got away with the deed.

Thinking about the amount of regular jaywalkers in Dubai adds up to a staggering number in Kipp’s head, so it really is quite difficult for us not to support the police department’s push to fine jaywalkers, even if it is on the spot. After all, having to pay large instant fines is bound to turn a few heads and hopefully harness some awareness about the lack of current road etiquette in the city.

Do you think that forcing an instant fine payment (or facing arrest) will act as a strong motive for jaywalkers to begin using pedestrian crossings and bridges or do you believe that it will have little effect?

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  1. paulw on September 10, 2012 12:11 pm

    If you stand on the pavement at a zebra crossing nobody in a car will stop, the reason being that they are taught at driving school here to only stop when the pedestrian is already on the crossing. Now if the crossing is at a T- Junction as a very large percentage are it is exceedingly dangerour tostand on the road at the crossing. It is often safer to Jaywalk than that I am afraid. If you do not believe me try it.


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