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Internet users ignorant about online risks

Virus Aramco

Kaspersky's latest survey reveals that GCC Internet users are either ignorant of online risks or choose to ignore them...


October 24, 2012 2:17 by

Kipp is concerned to learn that not only are most Internet users in the GCC unaware of online threats, many underestimate and ignore them. A regional survey courtesy of O+K Research for Kaspersky Lab tipped us off about the ignorant and ‘shoulder-shrug’ attitude associated with online threats and data security.

A mere 14 percent of the survey’s respondents actually admitting to knowing – only in general terms – about online threats.

Stuxnet, Duqu, and Zeus are the names of the most dangerous online threats and yet, among the online GCC population, they seem to go unnoticed. There is a relatively high percentage of users that say they are confident that their computers, tablets and Smartphones are entirely safe.

Now, Kipp understands that there are hardly any users that lay awake at night, stricken with insomnia and thinking about the well-being of their computer systems and data. Nevertheless, if Kaspersky’s survey is an indication of anything, is that there is a need for awareness and education when it comes to malware.

‘Generally, most users tend to underestimate the danger which malware poses for their devices and their data. It is largely due to the fact that users simply do not know how malicious programs penetrate the computer, how they behave and what havoc they can wreak’.

Lastly, focusing a little more on mobiles, it gets more interesting. One third of all mobile users in GCC states have been classified by Kaspersky as ‘doubters’. The name is fitting – as they believe their devices are more or less protected but would feel better if they have specialised security software.

Of course, there is the argument that, regardless of how ill informed users are, anti-virus and security programs will still provide a protected environment. Still it can’t hurt to be a bit more aware can it?

Now we come to the worst part of the survey. Many users don’t understand the need for proper security because, according to Kaspersky, they don’t understand the level of risk associated with the malware landscape. Nearly half of PC users and laptop owners in GCC countries think their data is relatively safe.

Remember, all it takes is one successfully placed infection and all your data can be lost.


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