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Is the UAE really using 225% More Energy Than Europe?

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Apparently so, if Alan Harpham, Chairman, APMG-International has anything to say about the matter.

September 6, 2012 9:10 by

Last month, a rather alarming infographic was making the rounds on the internet. The infographic produced by Tim De Chant from Per Square Mile, a blog about density and population matters, aim to illustrate how much of land the world’s population would need to live in if everyone lived like a handful of countries. Of course the UAE came out on the dark end of the spectrum–according to Chant if all 7 billion of the earth’s population lived like the way we do here in the UAE we would need a whopping 5.4 times more land than we currently have on Earth.

And just as Kipp was getting over the implications of this infographic come the statements of
Alan Harpham, Chairman, APMG-International who says the UAE uses 225 percent more energy than all of Europe: “In fact, UAE’s per capita footprint of 9.5 hectares is four times more than the global per person 2.1 hectares availability.” Yikes

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