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It beats work… Kipp spent the morning playing on an Xbox Kinect

It beats work… Kipp spent the morning playing on an Xbox Kinect

Normally it’s hard to get Kipp out of the office. But if you promise computer games in a nicer office, we’ll probably bite.

September 5, 2010 3:33 by

Kipp is indulging itself. The blog today has very little to do with business (“When does it ever?” we hear most of you say), and today it has not much to do with the Middle East, either. Unless you count the fact that the Xbox Kinect – the latest “leap” in gaming technology – is launching here in the UAE and in the region on November 10. While we talk about that, we’ll also throw in a few PR lessons for the professional audience, and hopefully that will justify ourselves to the boss.

Today, Kipp and a gang of chunky, wheezing blokes (for the most part) got to test out the Kinect at the Microsoft office in Dubai’s Internet City in what must be the most hotly attended press gathering since Sony were giving out PSPs a few years back.

(Here’s the first lesson of the day for all you PR and business folk: If you want people to show up to your press event, have something to say/do/show/give. Press is unlikely to take time out for a “getting to know you” chat over biscuits, much as we’d love to. We have actual pages to fill, and deadlines to meet, so if you’re not offering content, or at the very least something totally cool, go back to the drawing board.)

The Kinect was originally known to the world as Project Natal, and is basically Microsoft’s attempt to grab a slice of the huge gaming pie that Nintendo discovered when it came up with the Wii. The Kinect, like the Wii, is based around your body movement, but unlike the Wii it requires no controller – you control the whole thing by hand and arm movements and moving about. It was presented to us by some Microsoft bigwigs who spent an hour telling us pretty much the same stuff over and over, before we even got close to the machines.

(Next lesson, PR folk: Keep it short, sharp and to the point. Extending the duration of your show to appeal to the MD’s (or whoever’s) vanity will not make you popular with the press.)

The talk was peppered up a little by some demonstrations of the machine – a group of dangerously young-looking things making the dance game look a cinch.

(PR’s lesson: Sound, music, action. All these things can make a discussion on ‘growing a category in a more female oriented manner’ far more tolerable.)

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  1. SaMBA on September 5, 2010 6:33 pm

    So the key question – did you try it??
    I know somebody who did and wouldn’t stop raving about Kinect! Wanted to know what you thought that is if you had the good sense to try it…

  2. Dieder Schmidt on September 6, 2010 4:42 am

    >>If you want people to show up to your press event, have something to say/do/show/give.

    My attention is towards the words ‘Give’ you used.

    So much for journalistic ethics eh and being subtle? Free junkets, free press trips, free samples, free gaming consoles, not to mention ‘press parties’ where there’s freebooze for the journos and Kipp will write about you or show up, even if its crap news?

    If Microsoft or vendor X, gave free valuable stuff to Kipp, of course the story will change. Frontpage?

    Tcch…tchh..from where I come from – we are NOT supposed to take any junkets (except the pen and notepad) from the PR and vendors. Its just wrong to ask/take. Period.

  3. George on September 6, 2010 8:11 am

    i wish i have time to repond thoroughly to your silly space filling ‘lessons’ to PR people. this is nonsense. without PR you will be out of business, creative or not creative these people are making money and the press is trash and would run anything for a dinner or a trivial give away. oh PR people have a lot to say about media but they just dont give a damn

  4. Andrew on September 7, 2010 7:32 am

    I think George missed the sarcasm train.

    As for the Kinect, I’d consider buying one if the launch titles weren’t utter dross. I’ll stick to using my bog standard Xbox for now, tah.


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