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2011 In Video…

Because we are ironic like that, Kipp’s compiled a list of the best lists of 2011 videos. You are welcome!

December 29, 2011 3:42 by

It is that time of the year when we look back. Youtube is flooded with reminiscent videos and because we’ve spent the greater part of today watching these videos and (because today’s an extremely slow news day) we have compiled a list of our favourite 2011 review videos.

YouTube Rewind 2011

Here is YouTube’s official video of the top 10 videos watched this year hosted by, noneother than, squeaky Rebecca Black. How many have you watched?

Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review

See how the World Searched with Google’s 2011 Zeitgeist. Although, as we’ve reported before (but this video doesn’t quite show) here in the UAE, this year’s fastest rising searches show a sustained interest in local content, with ‘Dubai’, ‘UAE’, ‘Emirates’ “Etisalat’ and ‘Dubizzle’ all in the top 25 for the UAE. In Egypt, phrases like ‘Jan 25th Revolution’, ‘Tahrir square’ and ‘Mubarak’s trial’ were all predictably in the top ten, while ‘hafiz’ (a Ministry of Labour website), ‘Al Jazeera’ and ‘Al Arabiya’ all ranked quite high in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These local searches were interspersed with all the usual suspects that pop up around the globe, such as ‘YouTube’, ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’.

The Top Political Videos of 2011

YouTube also released a list of the top 10 political videos of 2011. Here is the list:
1. Zach Wahls speaks about family
2. President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner
3. Strong [Rick Perry ad]
4. President Obama on death of Osama bin Laden
5. Brother, can you spare a trillion? Government gone wild!
6. Seth Meyers remarks at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner
7. Rick Perry – Proven Leadership
8. Jon Stewart Goes Head-to-Head Bill O’Reilly
9. Now is the time for action! [Herman Cain ad]
10. President Barack Obama’s First Ad of 2012

This is the video that made it to #1.

United State of Pop 2011

Slightly different, but check out this mashup of the 25 biggest hits during 2011 in the U.S. That is a whole lot of editing, and yes it is US based, but if you are a fan of Pop music you should still be able to appreciate this one.

Year in 60 seconds: 2011

Reuters can always be trusted to produced some of the most pertinent journalism-which is why we really did appreciate this compilation of the top videos and photographs of 2011. For some powerful images check out Reuters 2011 in 60 seconds:

And there you have it folks. We are sure there are so many more videos of the best videos of 2011, but if you find one you like why not share it in the comments section below? Or post it on our Facebook page and tell us which was your favourite video of 2011, while you are at it.

As for us? Well there really are ‘so many to chose from’, but if Kipp was pushed our favourite UAE-based video would have to be…

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