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A crisis of hope

A crisis of hope

A family in Dubai allegedly committed suicide last week because of financial difficulties. Is the economic crisis actually over?

December 20, 2009 1:43 by

The Dubai Police has confirmed that there was no criminal intent behind the deaths of an Indian family in the city who allegedly committed suicide last week.  A 38-year-old woman, her 22-year-old son from a previous marriage and her 20-year-old sister died after they apparently hanged themselves from ceiling fans in their house in Karama. The lady’s husband also tried to hang himself, but survived with injuries.

“The matter has been referred to the public prosecution for further investigation. The husband confessed to us that he is the one who initiated the suicide and his family joined the suicide pact. Forensic examinations confirm that it is a suicide and ruled out criminal intent,” a police official told Gulf News.

According to reports, a note left behind by the family said that financial problems forced them to take their lives.

A government official said on Thursday that the economic crisis in Dubai was over. If an entire family felt compelled to commit suicide because of financial worries, obviously everything is not right. No doubt, financial difficulties existed even when there was no crisis, but the current situation in the market has played on people’s psyche. Perhaps the economic crisis is more a crisis of confidence and a feeling of complete hopelessness than a purely financial disaster.

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  1. Dismanirie on December 21, 2009 10:43 am

    How very tragic. However, the arithmetic points to some interesting facts which may indicate that the family was hardly a very stable unit to start with.

    The wife bore her son at sixteen, remarried, and her sister is two years younger than her son and lived with her new family. It appears that her second husband took on more than he could handle with his new family.

    I know of instances where brothers have taken on the responsibility for the families of their dead siblings; it is a tradition which replaces state accountability by the contribution of the family, but it places a monumental burden on the remaining breadwinner.

  2. SK on December 21, 2009 11:16 am

    We all are feeling a lot poorer than we really are. Partly its media and most part its lack of transparency that’s not giving anyone hope.
    People who live between cheques and bankloans do feel the fear – no just of society- but of arrest. Without bankruptcy laws in place its difficult for any decent human being to think of the consequences.
    Additionally, its a very eastern value, where honour and dignity is more important than life… And more in keeping with our eastern cultures we need to draw up laws and develop help lines that can give advice to avoid such grievous losses .

  3. Karen on December 21, 2009 12:16 pm

    I believe that the financial Institution like banks should appoint qualified staff to deal with these people who are financially in trouble and could not cope with the present situation mentally. Nowdays banks hire companies (telemarketing) to do the calls to these people who are having delayed payments. And the ways they harassed on the phone and threaten that your case is submitted in the police is totally unbereable and a family like that (Indian) they have no other means of paying these debt and the banks caller will give you 2 to 3 days payment notice otherwise the police will catch you and ban you for travelling then the only way out for this family is to do the same or some people before the case is filed they escape outside the country living their cars at the airport terminal… Many cases like these at present and the Goverment concerned authority should look into this matter seriuosly, how they can help these people solved their problems without harrasment and they should give more time to settle their finances.

  4. SirEd on December 21, 2009 12:20 pm

    Just fail to understand why the youngones – only in early 20s and their whole life in front of them to overcome any problems even if with they had minimal education/qualification.

    This one aspect of the case is baffling.

  5. AMK on December 22, 2009 9:19 pm

    The government should seriously look into this matter. The banks are hiring call centre to do their collections. These people are rude and ruthless. They do not know how to talk to people and they are very demeaning and will call at any time of the day and night (enough to drive people to suicide). I use to get calls from RBS as late as 1am. If i didnt answer, I would have as many as 40 missed calls within minutes and texting police treat and I am a woman.

    These banks take advantage of the fact that they are protected by the law and we are not. the credit cards and loans are given to their customer based on their employment, if the employment is lost, how do they expect the people to make repayments. Treating them with Jail will certainly not help the situation. What about the credit sheild we pay every month on our credit cards and loan?

    Its time for the Dubai Government to protect the people too, not just the banks. Such situation should be handled as a civil case and not a criminal case. Professional debt consolidation companies should be hired to resolve such cases.

    Even if the person leave the country, the communication and repayment schedules are maintained by such companies. That is a happy balance. People get to find opportunities elsewhere and the bank continue to get their repayments.

    Its time the police stop entertaining such cases and get the banks to resolve such issues directly with their customers.

    Be fair…….we are all humans after all and if the country is having crises…arent the people suffering too.

  6. Cristiina on February 10, 2010 7:20 am

    I feel so sad whenever i heard such a case of suicide of one family and I heard and read it happens mostly on Indian families.
    That is poor mentality. I think they don’t have friends who can give them a good advise that will not led them to suicide. I know a family whose having a problem more than anybody else, but she manage to survive.

    A person whose having problems, no matter how big it is should always seek GOD’s help, pray and ask His Guidance and listen to Him. And also, if you’re having problems, don’t keep it with yourself, share it with your friends or colse relatives. Talking and sharing our problems with our true friends will help us to clear what bad things bothering us.


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