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A disaster master plan

A disaster master plan

Earthquake? Hurricane? Never fear! The post-graduate degrees are here!

April 18, 2011 4:47 by

So while we thumbing through The National we read this report about civil security.

“The UAE is ill prepared for man-made or natural disasters, academics and professionals say.” Kipp could not agree more. Thinking of the logistical nightmare that was NYE’s when the hoards of UAE residents drove down to the Burj Khalifa to watch the fireworks, causing one of the biggest traffic jams and disasters in Kipp’s memory-with four-wheel drives revving their engines as they crossed over pavements and some even drove in the opposite direction of Sheikh Zayed Road.

Yes we’ve already ranted about the horrors we faced that evening, but we are still aren’t over it yet. If that is how UAE residents act in times of happiness and celebration, Kipp shudders to think what is likely to happen during a mad-made or a natural disaster. So yes, we agree the UAE certainly is unprepared for such events-we continued to read the article in the National.

“To change that [UAE being ill-prepared for disaster] Khalifa University has launched a master’s degree programme in internal and civil security, the first of its kind in the country.”

A master in disaster? When we read how unprepared UAE was, hey we were expecting some kind of physical training set up, first-aid lessons or even some kind of out-in-the-wild-boy-scout-GI-Joe-type training. But a master’s degrees? How in the world is that supposed to protect Kipp in the event of an earthquake (yes, we’ve never had one but Kipp’s being dramatic today)? A master’s degree? Come on people!

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