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A journalist’s job

A journalist’s job

Do freebies influence journalists in the region?

January 19, 2009 2:10 by

As journalists, we get to criticize Dubai’s companies, its “bright in the horizon” visions. And yes, sometimes (rarely actually), we get freebies.

Kipp was recently given tickets to watch two shows in Dubai: Freej Folklore, and the Chinese state circus. We enjoyed both, though we felt that the first could have used less PR (of Dubai) and more of the head-banging horse. The acrobats and the tiny, flexible 10-year-old girl at the Chinese circus almost inspired us to join them, though the realities of life did catch on as soon as we left the tent, tripped and (almost) fell.

That said, do you think freebies coax journalists here to write good stuff?

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  1. Reem Rabia on January 20, 2009 12:09 pm

    Big Time!!


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