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A little less conversation…

A little less conversation…

...a little more action please, EIDA. Kipp’s had it with empty words. We’re looking for concrete action!

July 7, 2011 2:39 by

“Residents in the capital could be applying for and collecting their new or renewed Emirates ID cards within minutes, a senior official said in the capital on Wednesday… The almost instant delivery of the cards would happen once the printing of the cards is decentralised across the country.” – Gulf News

Excellent news, EIDA. We can’t wait. But we probably will have to.

Let’s face it guys, though EIDA keeps issuing and reissuing final final deadlines of sorts, the reality is that implementation of these idyllic systems still has quite far to go. That is not to say EIDA hasn’t been completely inefficient, Kipp knows of at least one person who had to queue only for 10 minutes to get their application processed and then another couple of weeks to get their ID couriered over. But of course that was close to a couple of years ago and way before the city went into a deadline-penalty panic over it.

Quite frankly, Kipp’s tired of complaining about promises and consequently extended and re-extended deadlines. So, while we welcome change like the Gulf News article promises, how about a little less conversation and a little more action? How about building the kind of reputation that Aamir Khan has with the films he produces? That Volvo has for safety and Apple for its sleek marketing prowess?

Sometimes actions speaks louder than words, and a company after speaking far too many words for far too many years, perhaps it is time to let actions speak for itself.

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