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A mobile phone that lasts forever

A mobile phone that lasts forever

A Danish company wants you to stop replacing your gadgets by creating products that will live longer than you ever will.

October 3, 2011 4:25 by

Danish company Aesir is producing a mobile phone that it designed to last you a lifetime, according to an article on the Guardian.

Gasp! The same mobile phone forever?! This is unheard of in these parts of the globe.

Made of ‘surgical-grade steel’, the phone goes back to basics and does little more than make calls or send text messages.
“We tried to design our mobile phone like you would a chair, boiling it down to the essence of what it should be,” says Thomas Møller Jensen, Aesir’s founder.

And just like anything that’s supposed to last you a lifetime (like a watch or jewellery), the phone costs you a lot—close to $8000.

Kipp wonders though if this quest against technology disposability takes into account the monstrous consumerist attitude corporations have created in the name of profit—that seemingly have an unending thirst for the new and the trending.

Have you seen the history of stuff yet?

Actually, Kipp thinks Aesir may just be downright oblivious about the trappings of consumerism as its founder, Jensen, says he is ‘sick of opening the newspaper and having adverts for 200 new televisions in my face.”

Can you imagine how many losses companies will have to take stopping the gradual introduction of ‘new’ features and instead manufacturing one which is built to last for a lifetime?

Kipp admires Aesir’s ideals. But we’re betting this phone will be purchased by a privileged few who will more than likely own a frequently updated rotation of gadgets and gizmos.

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