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A new business frontier: Sex shops in the Gulf

A new business frontier: Sex shops in the Gulf

Kipp was stunned to discover the Gulf has a sex shop. It’s in Bahrain, it has good intentions… and it seems to be very popular.

May 31, 2010 11:28 by

When it comes to business in this region, Kipp is often caught by surprise. In a growing and youthful economy, people are so often inventive, bold, and creative that it makes us proud to live here. But there can’t be many as creative and bold as Khadija Ahmed.

She is the owner of what must be the Gulf’s first sex shop, according to Ahmed believes that nothing in Islam forbids the pleasures of the bedroom, and she believes it so fervently that she has taken to selling edible underwear, joy jelly and “vibrating accoutrements,” according to Al Arabiya.

Though, “It’s not a sex shop in the Western sense,” she explains, “but a place to help married couples, and only married couples, enjoy sex to the full.”

And there, of course is the key. The shop, located in Bahrain and named Dar Khadija, is for married couples only. In fact, the aim of the shop is “to provide a service to married couples by making their sex lives more exciting than the lure of an affair,” says Ahmed. She got the idea when she realized how many men and women were having affairs outside of marriage.

Having started with a website, she later gained permission for the shop, and now it seems she has no shortage of customers.

Kipp supposes the old adage holds true: “Sex sells.” Even in the Arab world.

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  1. Norman Rogers on June 1, 2010 11:55 am


    I have one, too. It’s called my “Safe For Work Hotties” section and that part of my blog is a favorite all throughout the region. To the young Saudis who hit my site every day, I say, you’re welcome.

  2. Miss Anne Thropic on June 6, 2010 10:43 am

    Do you have to produce a marriage certificate to enter the shop?


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