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A sudden plague or a silent growing ailment?

A sudden plague or a silent growing ailment?

The arrest of a Tamweel executive is the latest in a string of corruption scandals in Dubai.

September 10, 2008 2:03 by

The arrest of Tamweel’s deputy CEO is the latest in the line of corruption enquiries currently going on in Dubai.

“The city-state is eager to burnish its transparency credentials so it can better compete for clout and corporate offices against rising business centers in India and China as well as in its own backyard,” says Forbes.

It is interesting to note that just after the government’s promise to punish bribery, there has been a constant stream of big names getting involved. Nakheel, Deyaar and Isthimar World are all currently being probed, though no charges have been brought as yet.

Does this suggest bribery was going on unchecked here earlier, or that people in Dubai have suddenly turned corrupt?

What do you think?

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