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All this fuss about Google+?

All this fuss about Google+?

If you haven’t heard of G+, turn the page now or you’ll have to repeatedly roll your eyes at the reality that Google will not stop trying to demolish Facebook.

July 13, 2011 2:37 by

“Just got Google+, who wants invites?”

…the buzz (for lack of a better word) around Google+, Google’s latest attempt at successfully breaking into the social networking world, was tremendous. So when an acquaintance offered a free invite to this monster that had gotten everybody so riled up, Kipp curiously accepted.

Now being someone who uses Google’s various services including Google Docs, Picasa, G-chat and of course Google Search Engine, on a regular basis, Kipp was genuinely intrigued to get a glimpse into the inner workings of Google’s latest brain child.

It has been about three days since we’ve gotten in and quite frankly we are none the wiser about Google+ before we were part of this special invite yielding group of early adopters. Granted, we probably haven’t dedicated enough time fiddling with the site to write up a decent review, so what we can tell you, is that if there is one reason to get onto Google+ it would be its phenomenal speed. We were able to scroll through an album of 90+ pictures in under 90 seconds.  What is more, Google+ allows one to access and share various other Google services—this is great for Kipp. We have so much on Google-from documents to albums on Picasa and instant message through G-chat. By that extension, using Google+ may just allow the user to archive, navigate and reference various posts, pictures and documents in a far more sophisticated way.

But even with its new and faster shiny products the success of Google+ of course will depend on how many people actually make the switch, because as Google has learnt the hard way, even if you build the most sophisticated social networking experience if it isn’t social enough, it won’t be much of an experience. Does Google Wave ring any bells?

If you’re already on Google+, how does it stack up to Facebook so far? And if you haven’t Kipp’s willing to send out invitations* for people who are willing to test drive and do a general review for us…

*Oh and if you’ve seen a Facebook app that lets you invite your friends to join Google and still haven’t been make it out already…it is a scam.

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  1. Ylli on July 13, 2011 7:35 pm

    There is this behaving where everybody refers to google wave when they need to talk about google failures. That’s a really big mistake. Google wave is a failure as much as was ajax and google maps. Nobody cared about them in the late ’90 but the ajax protocol and the google maps way of making web become the new world, the new web2.0 the new technology, the new way of making web apps.
    Now google wave is kind of the same. There is a protocol there (google wave is not too much about the web application as about the protocol and the new way of thinking of all the web – take a look at wave in a box project ).

    I think wave is gonna bring us to web3.0, there is a loot of that kind of concepts into google+ and as soon as people will improve their knowledge to the the next level wave is gonna be the already build up path to the next level.


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