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And so the saga continues.

Nakheel’s two week extension on the proposed service charge on utilities at its Palm Jumeirah Shoreline apartments is the latest development in what seems to be a never ending saga.


January 2, 2012 5:05 by

Two weeks back Palm Jumeriah debacle tenants are now complaining of being banned from using the beach, pool and having gym access. Those tenants living in apartments that have unpaid service fees are the ones facing the ban. Essentially, this is just another aspect of the battle between the developer and the owner. While the developer insists the owner should cough up the cash, many owners either think service charge is either too high or not well matched to the maintenance being provided.

And while the two hash out the not so-cold war, the one left stranded in the middle is, the tenant. And with Nakheel planning on charging tenants Dh2,000 to Dh5,000 for these facilities it is easy to understand why. Though we heard from many outraged tenants on the matter, the ball really did seem to be in Nakheel’s court.

Then a few days before the year ended, RERA boss Marwan bin Ghalaita changed said residents should not have to buy memberships to use those facilities as the pool is a common area. And even though he added that the beach and gym do not constitute as common areas, he said residents had a right to use them.

Then, Jan 1st 2012, Nakheel postponed the membership for the beach, pool and gym by two week. And so it continues. Of course this vague 2 week extension sheds no light on what is to come…although what with everything Nakheel has been through these past two years Kipp’s sure the company has a well thought out strategy of how to deal with this issue.


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  1. Leaving on January 3, 2012 9:39 am

    My rental agreement is up in March. My family and I made a very easy and quick decision to leave our shoreline apartment and must admit feel better for it. I’ve already secured a few possibilities that meet the families requirement and with so much stock available it wasn’t as hard as i thought.
    Nakheel and my landlord can now go and do whatever they please…


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