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Are you ready for Marmite Mondays?

Are you ready for Marmite Mondays?

Britain’s love-it-or-hate-it food spread could be scheming to put a smile on your face before 11.16am.

July 26, 2011 2:21 by

A curious study popped up on Gulf News today about how white collar workers are so depressed about the idea of going to work that they don’t crack a smile until about 11:16am.

Surely, you’ve seen ‘interesting’ studies like this before. But what strikes Kipp as odd is that the study was sponsored by Britain’s favourite spreadable edible Marmite.

How exactly the marketing brains behind this love-it-or-hate-it brand will benefit from this piece of research is what we’re curious of.

*cue imagined TVC of Marmite putting smiles on employees’ faces first thing in the morning. The last shot, of course, will be grinning models in business suits with the food spread sticking out of their grills*

Aside from the precise time the research has given away (of which Kipp is still bewildered as to how they came up with this time), the research pretty much had a litany of no Shit Sherlocks that could get Kipp fueled for days. These gems of information include: we like chatting with fellow drones before starting our day; we have a 50 percent chance of being late to work today; the 45-54 year old professionals whine about 12 minutes a day; and to keep the blues away we watch TV, shop and eat chocolate. How enlightening.

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