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Insurance provides peace of mind
Insurance is purchased only when compulsory
Terms and Conditions (small print) are clear and easily accessible
Insurance jargon (language) stands in the way of fully understanding each policy
Insurance companies try their best to uphold the details of the policy without cutting corners
Reducing risk, cutting costs and profits are more important to an insurance company than the customer
Insurance companies in the region are as professional as in other more developed markets
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Do you feel your insurance provider works in your interest?
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Do you trust your insurance provider?
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Are you serious?

Are you serious?

Introducing the SarcMarc: for truly clueless readers


January 13, 2010 1:52 by

A software company in the United States has created a punctuation to denote sarcasm, reports United Press International (UPI). Sarcasm Inc. introduced the SarcMarc, a circle with a dot in the middle, which can be downloaded from for $1.99.

“Statements have the period. Questions have the question mark. Exclamations have the exclamation mark. When you see the newest punctuation mark for sarcasm, you’ll know the writer of that sentence doesn’t literally mean what they’re writing; they’re being sarcastic,” the company said in a release.

Surely readers aren’t that thick, right?


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