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Bahrain for hookers, booze and fat chicks

Bahrain for hookers, booze and fat chicks

Newspaper reports are painting an unflattering picture of the tiny Gulf state.

September 20, 2010 2:07 by

You’ve got to feel for poor old Bahrain. It can’t get in the press for any of the right reasons lately. Not only is there the ongoing political strife, but this week there have been two separate stories of prominent Bahrainis lamenting the moral state of the tiny nation.

First, Mohammed Al Mizal, standing for election with Al Wefaq, proclaimed that his people are ashamed at the fact that alcohol can be bought openly in the country. Calling the practice un-Islamic, Al Mizal said: “Many Bahrainis are ashamed that their country is serving alcohol. This is not something that we are proud of and we hope that it will come to an end in the coming parliament sessions.”

According to Al Mizal, the ban on alcohol in dry countries such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia does not have any negative effects and both countries are still able to maintain a stable and strong economy.

“If this is about copying the Western style of living, why don’t just we sell drugs to everyone?” he said. “There are countries which allow citizens to use certain kinds of drugs, or even allow homosexuals to get married. This is also legal now in some places.”

Then, Manama Municipal Council member Abdulmajeed Al Sebea’a angrily accused the police and tourism officials of turning a blind eye to prostitution. Al Sebea’a said that over the Eid weekend, “gangs of prostitutes in skimpy clothes stood plying their trade.”

“The biggest disaster is that GCC families were feeling uncomfortable walking in and out of hotels and furnished apartments and even on the streets,” he said.

And all this on top of recent news that Bahrain has the fattest women in the world

Al Mizal is right, stricter laws haven’t held Saudi back, but then they have a much bigger domestic market to offer potential investors. Even Kuwait’s population is several times that of Bahrain. Maybe Bahrain has to turn a blind eye to these things if it wants to attract foreign investment. Maybe it will end up like Dubai, turning a blind eye to most indiscretions in return for a growing economy and status. Although judging from Al Mazil and Al Sebea’a, that won’t happen without a fight.

Do you feel sorry for the people of Bahrain? Or is this the price they pay for developing the economy and attracting foreign investment? And if so, is it a price worth paying?

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  1. OFiroz on September 21, 2010 7:47 pm

    People who enjoy prostitutes will continue to have the enjoyment regardless of the availability widely or secretly. Even in Saudi there are more cases than any other for the illegal alcohol selling. I heard some certain nationalities are expert over there to make booze at home. Govt. close their eyes or not, these things will happen as long as the givers and takers are there!

  2. Ahmad on September 23, 2010 8:21 am


    You are absolutely right. Home made alcohol is freely available in bottles as cheap as SR 50 to SR 60. They are called Siddique.

    Coming to Bahrain, alcohol is being sold in MMI’s and A&E’s openly for decades. It’s a late wake-up (!) call from Mr Al Mizal. So feeling ashamed all of a sudden doesnt make any sense. Before comparing the situation with KSA or Kuwait, Mr Mizal has to very well understand that they have the black gold which runs the party. In Bahrain, people are running parties (mujhras and likes) to make money out of it!!

    Prostitutes, less said the better. Be it Bahrain or Dubai, they are in plenty. In these places, it is not possible for a common man / expatriate to sponsor or bring women who are not immediate blood relatives. How do they come inside and stay for months/ years? Its a known secret that the ruling elite are allowing these things knowingly and prostitutes have become a part of the economy itself.


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