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Breast enlargement soap, anyone?

Breast enlargement soap, anyone?

There is some weird stuff on sale in Dubai, and apparently one particular area of products is growing at a rapid rate. Let’s call them… aphrodisiacs.

September 21, 2010 2:30 by

Kipp has reported before on the sex industry in the Gulf. No, not prostitution, but the first sex shop in the region. The shop in Bahrain targets married couples, keeps itself to itself, and does a nice little trade, by all accounts.

Now it seems more entrepreneurial people are jumping onto the sex bandwagon. Emirates 24-7 reports that there has been a huge surge in the demand for aphrodisiacs in the UAE, and that new demand has tripled sales.

According to the report, most residents buy their aphrodisiacs in the Drgaon Mart (Good old Dragon Mart. Kipp loves the place) while Deira’s old souq and Spice souq also do a healthy trade. “The demand is so high that traders at the souqs say they have come up with unique products to satisfy customer demand,” says Emirates 24-7.

“Come up with unique products” sounds a bit too much like “make stuff up” for Kipp’s liking. It’s not that we want to be the first ones to yell “placebo”, but we have to question how these guys come up with “unique products to satisfy customer demand.” Products mentioned in the article include Bin Ahmed brand of tea, V Men’s Elexir, Al Raheeq Honey and Black seed, and breast enlargement soaps. Yes, that’s right: Breast enlargement soaps.

One trader says of his father’s home made product: “It helps you last longer and also increases the volume. There are customers who have had very positive results.”

Kipp is pretty sure the new products are more likely the result of opportunistic business thinking than unheard-of medical breakthroughs. We have to confess to being pretty intrigued though; if anyone has tried the breast enlargement soap, let us know how you got on.

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