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Bye bye business

Bye bye business

According to a keyword tracking website, many people checking out the word “business” are also adding the words “going out of.”

August 6, 2009 3:40 by

Many people are interested in the word “business.” For some it’s just about money; for others, it’s their whole life.

Currently though, the world of business is going through a tough time thanks to the global economic slowdown. And according to Wordtracker, a UK-based website that monitors keywords used in search engines, many people searching for the term “business” are now adding the words “going out of” in front of it.

The top ten searches with the word currently include: “Companies going out of business,” “Sample letter of business closure,” “Going out of business,” “Stores going out of business,” and “Going out of business furniture sales.”

Seems like there are a lot of people out to make the most of the financial crisis and get a good furniture deal when they can. If you’re one of them, do let us know about any good deals you find.

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