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C’mon, who’s your Daddy!

C’mon, who’s your Daddy!

Sugar Daddy must have been on a sugar high when they launched this little diddy of a promotion.

September 5, 2011 4:14 by

So Sugar Daddy ain’t gonna be Sugar Daddy anymore. Which is a shame because innuendo lines like our headline here will be used few and far between because of this.

Sugar Daddy’s has some exciting news! Throughout the month of September, Sugar Daddy’s invites fans to be part of the imminent change. As of October 2011, the team that brought Sugar Daddy’s to Dubai announces a brand new name for the existing dessert haven which has expanded to over 9 locations in the UAE, and promises the same superb taste, more creativity and tasty options. You’ll be lost for choice! Visit their Facebook page listed below and if you guess the new name correctly, you’ll win 1 year’s supply of your favourite cupcakes! Watch this space.

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