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Campaigning for a cause

Campaigning for a cause

UAE daily Gulf News has launched a campaign to bring singer Rihanna to the UAE, after she decided not to perform here.

April 30, 2009 11:55 by

Gulf News’ Tabloid had exclusively reported in April that Rihanna would be performing in the UAE in May, but now claims that the singer has decided to cancel her program because “it’s just not the right time” for her.

Her boyfriend Chris Brown is currently facing trial for allegedly physically assaulting her; the singer has not performed since late January.

“But Tabloid doesn’t give up that easily. We’d like Rihanna fans to encourage the singer to take the plunge and return to the stage in the positive atmosphere here in the UAE,” says the report on Gulf News.

The paper’s campaign includes getting comments from people on their website, starting the Facebook group “Get Rihanna to the UAE”, which currently boasts 11 members, and using Twitter.

So what do you think about their enthusiastic campaign? Is it worth fighting for? Will you be tempted to join in? Is this a cause that’s close to your heart?

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