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Can Kipp fight the urge to go Apple?

Can Kipp fight the urge to go Apple?

After years of trying not to follow the crowd, Kipp’s will is crumbling. Do you think it should switch to Apple?

March 10, 2011 4:20 by

Kipp is not an Apple owner. Actually scratch that, we own a basic iPod. But that’s it. No iPhone, no Macbook, no iPad, no Mac Pro… just that lonely little iPod, loaded with all of Meat Loaf’s greatest hits. But we’re starting to think we’re going to have to do it. We’re going to have to become… one of them.

Why? Put simply, it’s becoming too difficult to avoid the darn brand. Everywhere we turn, its Apple this, Steve Jobs that, iPad here, iPhone there. Just today, we hear that iPad is still dominating the tablet market, which didn’t even exist until Apple invented it. Reports say that nearly 18 million tablets were shipped in 2010 and Apple has captured 83 percent of that huge market.

Elsewhere, we have heard that Dubai is about to get its first official Apple store. It’s set to open on March 16 in the Mall of the Emirates, though Gulf News says it will be a “store within a store.” Presumably, then, it’ll be a concession within a bigger outlet. Either way, we imagine this will provoke a sudden burst of Apple buying activity in the Emirate.

Meanwhile our better half owns an iPhone 4, and while we hate its intrusive presence in our lives, Kipp has to concede it knocks the socks off our not-so-smart phone.

Now, Kipp needs a new lap top, and even as we write this an ad for Macbooks has just come on the radio. And we’re seriously considering the switch, because we’re finally losing patience with the viruses, software and technical problems that have beset us in PC world. Everyone we know using Apples tell us they’re more or less problem free.

So after months – no, years – of trying to fight the trend, trying not to be a sheep, trying not to follow everyone else, we might be about to join the Apple party. We just… can’t… bring… ourselves… to… commit.

What do you think? Should Kipp go Apple? Have you?

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  1. Lizzie on March 13, 2011 8:51 am

    My hubby bought a Macbook last summer, like you he was a total Apple-phobe up to then, but after taking a bit of time to get used to it he wouldn’t be without it. So yep, go for it don’t think you’ll regret it.

  2. LENCZEWSKI on March 15, 2011 11:46 am


    I think Kipp should consider if there is any significant advantage to it’s workflow by going Apple and leave any sheep following right out of it.

    I’ve worked as a design professional for over 25 years and started on an Apple – SE30 I think. I’ve used mainframes, workstations, desktops and bespoke systems running many different OS’s and every one of them has had their own issues.

    Mostly I read how you can do this and that better with Apples, mostly they are things to do with the OS and interface, and I ask myself just how much time these people spend ‘moving, filing and playing’ as opposed to actually producing something from an application.

    I also read how you can get your Apple to ‘seamlessly’ connect with this and that PC or peripheral and I’ve recently seen how many office colleagues have ‘left the Apple at home’ because it was just too much hassle in a Windows dominated environment.

    How many times have I had to quickly source a Windows laptop because the Apple needs a forgotten adapter for a projector, or has no disc drive…still too many.

    If this makes me sound as though I’m anti Apple, well you’re wrong. If an Apple gave me an advantage enough to pay that bit extra…definately!
    This summer I’ll be comparing an iphone 5 and Galaxy S2 and the winner will be the best for me and not badge based.

    No, what I am is not following any herd without a good reason to, and like Kipp, I’ve stepped up to the fence and looked over plenty of times, it just hasn’t been green enough to bother ‘acquiring’ new software to run on one…you know, the stuff you actually need to do a job – I’ll leave ‘home use’ out of it.

    But if there was one thing that I disliked about the world of Apple, it would be that I really don’t like giving my money to a company SO focussed on forcing you back to buying from them, adapters, iStore etc etc, and for that reason I’ll keep giving my money to the competition, until there’s something significantly better from the Apple version.

    Great marketing you might say…not on my cash I say.

    I do own an ipod, it’s good! It was better than anything else at the time and the availability of audiodocks swung it…and nothing else.

  3. Andrew on March 16, 2011 7:13 am

    Lenny here saying pretty much I was going to, especially about the customer lock-in for anything that will work with it.


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