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Car or Care Free Day?

Car or Care Free Day?

The traffic on SZR was bad as ever on Dubai’s third Car Free Day.

January 18, 2012 2:55 by

People love going on about how social media can really gauge the pulse of the people. We’re not quite on that band wagon just yet (although, our weekly fantastic modules titled Pulse Populi do quite capture the ‘pulse’ of the ‘people’)-for the convenience on this blog we are going to go with that argument.

Today, was the third ever Car Free Day. A fact Kipp was reminded of by the newsreader, who was making our drive into work this morning so much more newsy. Though Kipp normally uses the public transport to work, we decided to take the car today…the mere thought of the all imbecile non-metro users jamming up the lines, attempting to use the check out/in machines, trying to top up their Nol Cards was really enough persuade us to brave the Sheikh Zayed Road traffic. And though, some reports may tell you more than 5,09735305075035 people left their cars behind on Car Free Day, it sure as hell didn’t feel like it. The drive in took me just as long as it normally does.

We thought we might have been the exception, so we put this question to our readers of Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s be honest here. Who used public transport on the way to work/school/errand run? #UAECarFreeDay

-When was car free day btw ???- Sahar Rafique (Facebook)

-It was business as usual on the streets… I doubt traffic congestion dropped by even a percent @Kipp_Report #UAECarFreeDay


– Didn’t even know it was #UAECarFreeDay


So are we right in deducing that not everyone was on board with this idea (and the metro?)?  Did you have a different experience? Let us know in the box below.

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